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In addition to vaccines and prescription-only medication, we offer for sale a range of other useful travel health items . The range is not meant to be comprehensive, rather a selection of products which we have first-hand experience of using in the field (either personally or professionally) and which we can recommend:


Aloe Gator® range: Long lasting (up to 8 hours), waterproof, non-greasy, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, contains soothing Aloe vera gel, and no PABA (so it shouldn't sting if/when the sweat runs into your eyes).

We stock SPF factors 15 and 40 sun-creams for adults, broad-spectrum SPF 40 cream for children, flavoured SPF 30 lip balms and Aloe Gator Green Stuff after-sun pure A. vera gel. Made in USA.

Insect repellents:

These all work by confusing the 'homing-in' mechanism of biting insects. They do not 'repel', as such, so do not have to be noxious or very smelly.

  • Mosiguard Natural®: Based on the natural, aromatic properties of the essential oil of the Australian lemon eucalyptus tree. Safe for babies and does not damage synthetic fabrics. Shown by studies at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to be as effective as 50% DEET against mosquitoes, although may need reapplying sooner. Comes as a roll-on or an extra strength spray. Made in UK.
  • Lifesystems Expedition Plus 50® : Contains 50% DEET plus some added pyrethroids to kill any mozzies persistent enough to still land on your skin. DEET may damage synthetic fabrics, such as nylons and Swatch® straps.

Mosquito nets:

All our mosquito nets are impregnated with long-lasting permethrin and therefore offer maximum protection at night from mosquitoes, sand flies, kissing bugs etc. They also help to keep out snakes, scorpions and vampire bats, if tucked in properly.

We offer a range of sizes and options, including a compact net for backpackers, three self-standing, pop-up Mosi-Net® models (head dome, single and double bed), and various bell and box nets. A special jungle hammock net, designed to Jim's specifications, will also shortly be available. Made in Turkey.

Insect bite relief:

  • Hydrocortisone cream (1%)is more effective than topical antihistamine creams. Also comes with clotrimazole (see below) to treat thrush - Why carry two tubes, when one will do?

Anti-fungal preparations:

An important subject often overlooked by travel medicine professionals: Fungal infections, e.g. 'thrush', 'jock itch', athlete's foot or intestinal candidiasis can dramatically reduce the quality of life on your trip. Problems commonly occur in humid, tropical climates, where washing facilities may be limited and particularly among people taking doxycycline, or other antibiotics. We offer:

  • Horopito/aniseed practitioner strength capsules (contain active extract of Pseudowintera colorata, a plant endemic to New Zealand, with natural fungicidal properties)
  • Lepicol® capsules, containing probiotics and fructo-oligosaccharides
  • Horopito Intimate Care cream for thrush
  • Clotrimazole HC (1%/1%) cream
  • Lamasil Once® (terbinafine single application gel) for athlete's foot and/or jock itch. A great product for humid, jungle conditions. The active ingredient binds to the skin and keeps working for up to a week.

Water purification:

Nothing beats bringing water to a rolling boil for sterilising water and you can also make a refreshing tea. Of the numerous other gadgets/chemical methods on the market, we stock:

  • Aqua Pure Traveller®:  a combination water bottle with replaceable filter and iodine treatment device. Useful for trekking/cycling/kayaking trips or for when you simply don't have the means to boil up a brew. Treats up to 350 litres, depending on how clear your source water is.
  • Chlorine Dioxide tablets: Not to be confused with chlorine! Effective against bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Doesn't leave a residual taste or odour (which chlorine, iodine and silver all do).

Blister kits:

  • Compeed® medium blister plasters 'one of the best'. You leave it on till the blister heals.
  • Lifesystems® Blister Kit: Contains prevention stick, antiseptic wipes and dressings as well as the above. Duct tape is useful too for both prevention of 'hot-spots' and ensuring blister plasters stay in place (particulartly when kayaking).
Aloe gator sun-cream range, Insect repellents that are recommended as effective: Mosiguard Natural and DEET

Dome Mosi-Net: useful for sleeping on the floor, or covering your sleeping bag and rucksack, Single hang point mosquito nets are light and take up little space, Kolorex horopito and aniseed anti-fungal capsules, Aqua pure water bottle
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