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Dr Jim Bond MB, BS, MSc, DPH, DTM, MFTM RCPS (Glasg), CTH®

Jim was born and brought up in Zambia. Trained in the UK, he has since lived and worked in Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique. He has a broad range of medical experience, with particular interests in tropical diseases and public health, developed while working as a doctor in Africa.

Intrigued by the gulf that often exists between Western and African traditional medicine, Jim for some years pursued a parallel career interest in ethnobotany, (the study of traditional knowledge and uses of plants by local people). To this end he studied at the Edinburgh Botanics and then set up a research, community development and conservation project in SW Madagascar, working with the elusive Mikea forest people and their healers. Since 1996, he has led and/or acted as expedition doctor to a range of expeditions to Belize, Madagascar (x7), Mozambique (x2), Tanzania and the Peruvian Amazon.

Through his travels and expeditions, Jim has been privileged to explore some very remote corners of Africa, Madagascar and South America, seldom visited by outsiders. He has also been able to share his passion for travel with his wife and children.

Jim also works as an occupational health physician in Fife and teaches on the Diploma of Travel Medicine course in Glasgow. However, he still manages to get back to the bush whenever he can find a suitable excuse.

Nicky Armstrong RGN, DTM, AFTM RCPS (Glasg)

Nicky was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, studied in Edinburgh qualifying as a registered nurse in 1982 and completed her nursing degree in professional health studies in 2010. She undertook the Diploma in Travel Medicine in 2005-6 and was awarded Associate Membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow in 2008.

Nicky formally retired from the NHS in July 2017 after 17 years as senior charge nurse within the infectious Disease unit in Edinburgh, returning to work within the same unit as a travel nurse specialist on a part time basis.

She has been a partner and prescribing Specialist Travel Nurse Practitioner at TrExMed Travel Clinic since its inception in 2009.

Jim Bond, ethnobotanist and baobab expert, up a tall baobab tree in Namibia

Nicky Armstrong, travel nurse specialist, TrExMed
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