Face-to-face consultations temporarily suspended:

Following the calls of the First Minister and Chief Medical Officer (24th March), TrExMed Travel Clinic has now suspended all non-essential, face-to-face consultations and vaccinations until further notice.

This is to help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) among the general population, and so ease the peak burden upon the NHS of COVID-19 disease.

We are, however, still more than happy to help answer any queries regarding travel health risks and vaccinations by email (preferred method) or by telephone.

Take care and keep well, Nicky & Jim

Pre-deployment & visa medicals

As an occupational health physician with a special interest in Travel Medicine, Dr Bond is well qualified to offer a range of medical examinations, related to working abroad.

These include:

Visa medicals

TrExMed has been providing a visa medical service at The Edinburgh Clinic for over nine years. We offer visa medicals for all countries in the world with the exception of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, which we refer to our ‘Visa Medical Service’ colleagues within the same building.

The Edinburgh Clinic is ideally suited to provide a one-stop-shop for medicals, with its in-house X-ray facilities and ready access to a wide range of clinical and laboratory tests service.

Dr Bond carries out all the visa medical examinations himself, for a standard fee of £130 plus the cost of any required tests. He can also review vaccination records and provide vaccinations and anti-malarials, if needed, at the same time.

Since every country has its own particular visa forms and medical examination/test requirements, we suggest you contact Dr Bond initially by email, attaching a scan of the forms, so he can quote you the best price.

Pre-deployment medicals

For people going to work abroad for a prolonged length of time, the health considerations and preparations are quite different than for a holiday or business trip.

Dr Bond can offer pre-deployment medical examinations for both employees and their accompanying family members. Having grown up in Africa himself, and later taken his own young family to live there (with a 3-year old and a 6-month baby), he knows first-hand some of the challenges facing dependents in particular and can offer some practical suggestions to make life easier (and safer).

Again, please contact us for a quote.

Post-deployment medicals

Not all post-travel consultations are about screening for tropical diseases. Many clients working abroad, particularly in physically or psychologically challenging environments find an objective, general medical review (and a confidential ear) very helpful on return from a posting, as part of the debriefing and adjustment process. Reverse culture shock is often far worse than going out.

Dr Bond is able to make an initial assessment of such returnees and to refer on for specialist support locally, if indicated. Please contact us with details of the deployment for a quote.

Oil & Gas UK medicals

Dr Bond is a qualified OGUK doctor, as well as experienced in carrying out ‘Working at Heights’ medicals for the wind power industry.

Increasingly, many jobs in the Oil and Gas sector now involve working abroad, e.g. in West Africa, rather than the North Sea, so combining an OGUK medical with a travel consultation can make a lot of sense.  Please contact us by email to discuss your needs before making an appointment.

©Jim Bond, 26th Oct 2017

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