TrExMed charges a separate appointment fee for an initial consultation. This is so we can spend enough time advising you properly on how to mimimise all relevant travel health risks, rather than focussing just on the ones which might need a vaccination or drug to prevent. All return visits to complete a course of vaccinations are included in this initial fee.


Pre-travel appointments

We have a range of appointment options for people being seen before they travel (see below for durations and prices).

Don’t worry if you’re unsure which one to select at this stage: simply select the ‘Book your appointment’ button and you will be guided through the online self-booking process.

We ask all clients for a £25 deposit when making an initial booking, which is offset against your bill on the day. This is to cover our room rental charges in the event of a ‘no-show’.

Description Duration Price (£)
Standard individual
Standard couple
45 65.00
Standard family/group
60 80.00
Single individual
20 35.00
Single couple
25 45.00
Single family/group
30 50.00
Doctor individual
40 80.00
Doctor couple
50 90.00
Doctor family/group
60 105.00
Return individual
10 included
Return couple
15 included
Return family/group
20 included
Visa/pre-deployment medical
45 130.00

Post-travel investigations

Dr Bond sees all the post-travel patients. Due to the enormous range of possible travel-related and tropical diseases, appointments for post-travel screening tests and consultations are by request only.


Visa / pre-deployment medicals

Dr Bond is able to carry out medicals for visa purposes, people going to work abroad and their families, and is also qualified for Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) medical purposes.

We can also offer most required investigations, including on-site chest X-rays at The Edinburgh Clinic. Please scan and email any forms via the link below in the first instance, so that we can advise on price and availability etc.

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Travel vaccination info

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Travel health news & alerts

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