Expedition Medicine:
Tailored Expedition Risk Assessment (TERA) service

For groups and individuals planning expeditions, fieldwork, charity treks, wildlife film-making or other adventurous activities in remote places. Dr Jim Bond carries out all the expedition risk assessments.

As every expedition is unique, so is every risk assessment. Jim's ethos is to empower and to inform people so they can decide best for themselves. Depending on the level of involvement requested, he could do any of the following:

  • Research proposed journey area for local risks and resources, e.g. habitat considerations, water supply, endemic diseases, recent outbreaks, dangerous animals (including profile of local, venomous snakes), access to health care facilities etc
  • Assess relative risks for the group's planned activities, from the obvious e.g. white water rafting hazards, through to the more mundane e.g. camp hygiene
  • Review individual medical histories of proposed team members and follow up with their GP(s) if necessary.
  • Consider cultural and ethical issues relating to the expedition, including potential impact on local people and health services
  • Discuss further with group leader/expedition medic any issues arising, e.g. practicalities of emergency communications and casualty evacuation plans, from an objective perspective
  • Help the relevant group leader to compile a summary of the significant, anticipated risks to health and safety of the trip, with suggestions for how to minimise these, e.g. safety protocols, vaccinations, items for personal and group medical kits etc
  • Prepare an interactive, evening presentation to the group (+/- leaders, parents etc) to outline and discuss the above recommendations, address any concerns etc

Any expedition members who then wish to take up some of the more usual travel medicine services at TrExMed Travel Clinic (vaccination, medication etc), would then be eligible for a reduced ('single item appointment') rate for their initial visit.

Local venomous snakes and other 'critters'

We are very fortunate to be able to call upon the services of Mark O'Shea, a world-renowned herpetologist and tropical snake expert, with whom Jim has worked in the past.

Mark has compiled his own database of medically significant venomous snakes and other dangerous 'critters' (e.g. scorpions, ants etc), geographically searchable for every part of the world.

Combining Mark's wide experience and knowledge of snakes and their behaviour, together with Jim's medical perspective of managing snakebites in the bush (or even at a district general hospital level in Africa), we feel we can offer a uniquely informed service for expeditions.

If you would like to find out more about Mark's work, please visit:

Mark O'Shea, world-renowned herpetologist and expert on venomous snakes and snakebites

First step to arrange a tailored risk assessment

To arrange to discuss your possible requirements for an expedition medicine risk assessment, please send an email or telephone: 0131 42783 007. Jim will then get back in touch with you directly.

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